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Selected Works

But when you cross that ol' Red River hoss / That just don't mean a thing Once you're down in Texas / Bob Wills is still the king
Self-checkouts just hit a little different out in the Big Bend region...
As it all pans wide / With a filter on the lens / She sees everything I do / She sees everything I do
*And cue "Tiny Dancer..."
No more loneliness, only happiness / Love's gonna live here again
They ain't see me 'cause I pulled up in my other Benz / Last week I was in my other, other Benz
After 3 hours of shooting on Main St., I was walking back to my car when I saw this hatted stranger looming in the doorway...
My sh*t's expensive, why do I feel so cheap? / What I need now is just a really good sleep
If I ruled the world / (Still livin' for today, in these last days and times)
Well, you go upstate, and you get your head together / Thunderbird is the word, and you're light as a feather
A sigh is just a sigh / The fundamental things apply / As time goes by
"Don't look at the sky above / If there's no one home / Don't expect nothing / 'Cause nobody wants a lonely heart" - Arthur Russell
"Everything's possible / When you're an animal / Not inconceivable / How things can change, I know" - David Byrne
Driving thousands of miles of backroads, I never know what will reveal. And then I look over...and there it is...
If that little table could talk...the conversations, music and definitely a few pops that have been shared in that space over the years.
Tucumcari, NM is a worn snapshot in time. The relics of yesterday are so vivid. I could spend weeks there and find something new.
Driving up the Going-to-the-Sun Road before dawn in hopes of seeing...something...getting to the top and...witnessing...this...
It's time to move on, time to get going / What lies ahead, I have no way of knowing
And so many times, I turn a corner and discover a narrative that I could never imagine. I mean...
Doing what it takes to wait for THE moment. Overcast, I sat in front of this sign for 3 hours waiting for the reveal. And then it did...
Walking the sleepy morning streets of Butte, Montana only to discover you've stumbled onto the set of the show "1923"
Jumping a fence to check out a ghost town, turning a corner and discovering this aquatic beaut in the West Texas expanse...pure joy...
Abandoned Motel + Mojave Desert + Old Route 66 + Golden Hour = Pristine Silent Bliss
I was on a 450-mile trip to shoot an old theatre when I saw this. No art direction. Being present and seeing rad sh*t appear.
Driving to Glacier NP that morning I was immersed in fog. I took a left into the park entrance and within 60 seconds this unfolded...
I lived in Brooklyn during 9/11 and watched the Towers fall. To watch light cast across a new heartbeat of life fills my soul.
This MCM jewel is a classic case of capturing the moment...one week later that vacant lot became a car dealership.
Shooting the Nike Lab 21 idea board before they closed was Christmas in July. Elton John, Air Jordans and everything in between!
My endeavor into the John Ford spectrum of the America West...
Watching the light hit that marquee during Golden Hour was a thrill. Learning it was painted over a month later stung my heart.
The lesser known "Big Tex," tucked in the back of the Midway...the blazing Oct. weather that evening created the most stunning backdrop.
My kind of of mix/match: A David Bowie song title for a legendary West Texas dance hall..."Put on your red shoes and dance the blues"
Blink and you may miss the tiny town of Wink, but you can feel the operatic voice of "The Caruso of Rock" all around you.
Not sure what came first, my love for Marfa or the movie "Giant." Maybe it's the fact they are forever intertwined that lights my soul.
"It's hard to let the miles pass me by / Yellow lines that blend together in my eyes" - Brandi Carlile
The "store." The highway. The STORM. You've seen this everywhere...but you have never seen it in like this...
That stark sunrise out west hits differently than anywhere else. Perfectly framing an architectural gem...pièce de résistance...
One of the greatest marquees in the history of live music! This really happened back in 1978...one of these is not like the other...
West Texas skies...where do they start and where do they end??? Could be a scene from "Kill Bill" or a Guns 'N Roses music video...
Negative space carnival life, Texas font, that blue and a Tupac reference...hits all of the notes..one of my all-time favorite moments.
Are you really from Texas if you don't tell everyone you're from Texas?