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The Process

I don’t take the photo. The photo takes me. With a deep feeling in my soul, I genuinely believe that every image I capture has patiently awaited me to arrive at that precise moment. For real.

My photography is about the journey. There’s no art direction, shot sheet, no destination goal. I jump in my ride and turn corners, waiting to see something interesting in real-time. I wait for it. And I wait for it. Whether it’s a truck moving out of the frame, light hitting just right, or a shadow slinking into its ideal spot, I give the subject attention, space, and beauty. For me, it’s meditative: spending hours observing the story, colors, shadows, and soul evolving within the frame. I keep things simple, using my heart, eye, and a never-ending supply of Hot Tamales candy and Leica to capture the moment.

Partnering with collectors, designers, and galleries starts with a conversation. To understand each other and acknowledge the needs, desires, and motivations. This level of engagement allows me to create something unique to your heart and soul. We’ll stay engaged throughout all project stages, ensuring a truly collaborative experience—right down to the white glove delivery.

My photographs, printed large-scale, offer an immersive experience, inviting you into each frame. I produce every print in-house, utilizing archival-grade pigmented ink on premium archival photo paper. From the vibrant glow of neon signs at night to abandoned theaters in West Texas or the golden hour at Venice Beach Skate Park, each image captivates the viewer with its transformative presence, adding a layer of photographic abstraction that mesmerizes.

You’ve Been Everywhere But Here.

exclusive photography commission

Only Eight Available a Year

Your summer home at the edge of the shoreline. The restaurant where you met your spouse. The car you dreamt of as a child now residing in your garage.

I offer clients one-of-a-kind and exclusive artworks that hold a personal significance to bring them joy. It’s an immersive experience where we connect through deep conversations, delving into all the rich details and feelings about a specific place, memory, or special something and understanding it enough that I can take it into my heart and capture it with my camera. The final image immortalizes an irreplicable moment. The framed print on the wall will tell a profoundly personal story every time it comes into view. You feel it when you see it. Every. Time.

Because of the one-on-one time, energy, and love involved, commissions are exclusively available to only eight per year.

Pricing and consultation upon request.