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My photos allow viewers to form an emotional connection to places they’ve never experienced, as well as the familiar but in an unexpected and unknown light.


Life’s a weird and fun ride. It took a while to relent to the universe’s nudges that pushed me into embracing many detours, leading me to a place where I feel like I’m home. I spent my entire career as a visual storyteller for other entities. It wasn’t until the past few years that it’s been my story to tell. Today, I get to share my story.


My mom, a photographer, too, nurtured my curiosity about all facets of art forms. From museums to antique stores and cross-country trips, she introduced me to Americana, architecture, streetscapes, and rad design. Golden hours spent beside her in the van, hand-tracing an Art Deco armoire or marveling at dusk hues, felt like daily immersive masterclasses in seeing the world with a multi-sensory technicolor lens of joy.

professional life

For over twenty years, I trained my eye for visual storytelling, living that ad agency/corporate creative life. I worked at the art of framing client-based visual narratives, whether in print, on television and video, or on the web, and how to emotionally connect with audiences. Living from coast to coast, I did everything from supplying baby blue mink coats for rap videos to producing commercials for international casinos. Then it felt like time to roll it back home.

Returning to places I knew all too well, I started seeing everything in a new light. Inspired, I headed out daily with my camera, spotting unique views of the familiar from different angles. I was so stoked about it, lighting up my soul in ways I’d never felt. I immersed myself in point-and-click journeys, allowing each frame to reveal itself in ways that fueled my creative spirit.

When the world shut down, I had just moved to Las Vegas to launch a brand. Perfect. But it made me wonder, “This is what I’ve been doing, but is this what I want to do?” I grabbed the Leica and drove off in every direction, with Miles Davis as my soundtrack. A lot. Being left with nothing but open weekends allowed me to hone my aesthetic and be able to sit for durations of time and see how that impacted my views. I found peace in the solitude of endlessly driving the American Southwest, capturing the loneliness, beauty, and vastness of silent desert towns, national parks, the abandoned Vegas Strip, and endless sunsets. My life became more aligned in all areas, honoring every facet of my true self. I had an absolute vision that being behind the lens was where I needed to take my artistry and exited advertising for good.

Here and Now

You can find my work in design firms, showrooms and galleries, hospitality groups, commercial buildings, and private collections throughout the United States.

In my free time, you’ll catch me digging through crates at record stores, savoring the perfect donut or cheese enchilada, evolving my ever-growing sneaker collection, seeing shows at the Hollywood Bowl or Red Rocks, practicing yoga, exploring desert and cityscapes, and soaking up life’s beauty. Hashtag balance, y’all.

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