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November 7, 2023

Verdigris Ensemble and the Dallas Contemporary Raise the Bar With Collaboration

What started as a simple ask to license some images for a performance turned into one of the most amazing creative collaborations that left me in tears…

Through photography, Lady Bird Johnson's spoken words, a minimalist choral score and AI, Verdigris Ensemble is changing the way you experience a choral concert...

As a Dallas-based fine art photographer, I'm always looking to grow and cultivate my creative community. And it is in the trust of that journey that I meet and work with likeminded souls.

And whoa did I ever when my good friend Courtney Ware of Lightware Labs reached out!

Lightware Labs is a project mapping company that creates immersive visuals for everything from theatre to outdoor projection mapping to art installations...and everything in between.

So when Courtney called me about the possibility of licensing some of my photos I was super excited to hear about the project.

The project:

A choral performance called Beautification by Verdigris Ensemble...centered around the work of Lady Bird Johnson and her influence to get the Beautification Act passed through Congress??

Have to say that was a first to hear...and immediately became intrigued.

When she explained the vision of the performance I was totally on-board. She would use some of my photographs of roadside wildflower landscapes and empty highways. From those, with the use of Al to bring those photographs to life, she "built" a highway in the middle of the Dallas Contemporary gallery - projecting around the audience and the choir, immersing everyone in the Texas highways, with the absolute feeling of being on the road🤯

Verdigris Ensemble
Artistic Director Sam Brukhman infused the visuals and Lady Bird’s spoken words with the most stunning minimalist choral score. Speechless.

Sitting in the middle on opening night, watching and feeling the bluebonnets flow and wrap around the crowd…absolute tears of joy to work with such amazing collaborative kind rad souls. Thank you thank you thank you for letting me be a small part of such an amazing experience!